So you want to know the price of a website?


This is a question that can’t (or at least shouldn’t) be answered until you have had a web consultation with a web developer. There are so many factors that come into it and it isn’t just how many pages you want or how many products or services you want to sell!


Your budget is super important to think about. Websites can cost literally anything. From €600 to €40,000 and more!

This is going to come down to some of these points:

  1. Why you want a website… Is it credibiilty, to sell products, to have a booking system and more.
  2. The functionality on your website. Maybe it’s just simple contact forms you need? Maybe you need someone to be able to upload something to your website? There are many things that you might want the website to do. 
  3. If it is to sell products then are they simple products or products with many variables?


It is also important for you to have an idea of how much you can spend on a wesbite. If you have a budget in mind then myself (or another web developer) can figure out from the above points what is necessary for your business, or what we can change to suit your budget. Or we can decide together that if your budget doesn’t match that we can come to an agreement of whats important now to get done and maybe later we can arrange to add more to your website.

If you have absolutely no budget or give no indication as to what you are willing to put into the project then what usually happens is you get quoted for all the things you would like to have on the website and you get a cost that is way too much. There are always options for your budget whether it is €1000 or €20,000. 

Also be aware that having a website has annual costs for domains and hosting which should be discussed in your consultation.


If you would like a free consultation to help you figure some of this out then please feel free to contact Celine at celine@tanastudio or by filling in the conact form at the bottom of our “Websites Page”