You want to make sure you are appealing not just to your potential clients or visitors, but you have to appeal to search engines, such as Google (other brands are available) and be search engine friendly.

Visitors will look out for a nice cohesive site where your branding comes though on every page. Your website should be easy to navigate. How many times have you been on a website, got to the bottom of the page and realise you have to go the whole way to the top just to get to another page or to get in contact? It sucks, right? This is where clear call to actions come in. Buttons, forms, anything that allows people to get to the next step of the process whether it is learning more, finding out prices, or booking a consultation with you.

Now for the search engines. Being Search Engine Friendly should be talked about when you are getting a site built for the first time. Or for when you think you need some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – that explanation is for another day!) If your website is search engine friendly it means the content on your site is unique and makes sense. Copying content is a big NO! Believe it or not but the likes of Google knows when you have copied information!

You also want different services on different pages (provided you have enough content). If you put all of your services on one page and try to talk about them all at once, search engines are just going to think you are confused. You need to talk about one topic at a time, but please don’t waffle!

Be people friendly, but also be search engine friendly too when it comes to getting your website built. Find you someone (oh, maybe me!) who knows how to do both!